Parachute Rigger

I Will Be Sure. Always.

We make sure parachutes do their job. Getting the soldier or load to the ground, the way it was designed.

During the Past 65 years, Parachute Riggers have been the subject matter experts responsible for the inspection, assembly, maintenance, repair, and certification of all Canadian Armed Forces parachutes as well as safety inspections of all personnel donning parachutes during airborne activities. We are volunteers from the Supply Technician occupation, who once qualified parachutist, are enlisted in a three year apprenticeship program to become members of a small, tightly knit, and highly specialised occupational specialty. As a Parachute Rigger, we are expected to be and are, experts on every parachute delivery method and system the Canadian Armed Forces offers. We have exceptionally high standards to maintain- lives depend on it. We are the bodies behind the curtain. The unsung heroes. Who day in and day out, make sure we are sure. As a Parachute Rigger,

I Will be sure. Always!


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