About the Shop

To promote, showcase, educate, inform, and offer some damn cool merchandise. 

We are, "The Kit Shop"

We are the hub for the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre

Our mission is to provide direct morale and welfare support to our units members.

Our aim is to represent, associate, the specialists who have passed through our doors, or who now provide the excellence in training they first received.

We operate as the optical and tangible element of the Centre, to educate, inform and promote our specialists, their capabilities, and our unique history and heritage as a unit to the military community both foreign and domestic, and the public.

We also honour our past, and preserve its heritage, paying respect and homage to those specialists who have come before us, laying the “planks” to which we now walk on. Through our products, we offer the pride of association to those who have walked through our doors generations ago, today and for who will tomorrow. As our units tasks and identities has evolved, The Kit Shop has also seen substantial change in our role and offerings to show maintain that identity.

As part of a Non-Public Fund establishment, all of our products and the infrastructure to support their sale is funded by our Unit Members Fund. What does this mean? That everything you see through the kit shop has been invested by the actual unit members, to see a return to support their morale and welfare, directly through the kit shop.

Fostering a long standing relationship of supporting the local economy, we do our best to offer the workmanship and commitment reflected in our products sourced from the local area. What does this mean for you? You can be assured that our products have a tangible local relationship from concept, to source, to delivery to client. Often meeting daily with our producers so they may understand the requirements for our clients to see the quality in product, they understand our unit’s task and purpose, so they in turn may be proud to show their association and share our heritage.

Our support of the local economy also keeps our ethics in business and environment intact, maximizing the retention of skilled local talent, as well as minimizing our impacts to the environment. We stand by what we offer, and by how we come to offer it.

The Kit Shop is managed by a small team of dedicated soldiers, often at the same time of conducting their primary duties as operational specialists. We are committed to the best support we can provide to the units soldiers, as well those who may have been associated with the unit and the communities we perpetuate and progress.

As the Canadian Army has the requirement for our unit to deliver that expertise in unique environments, the unit has a requirement for its Kit Shop to support it.

We are located on the beautiful Bay of Quinte in Southern Ontario, as part of Canadian Forces Base Trenton, we are situated in the newly constructed world class training facility the LCol Nicklin building.

We are usually doing cool things in unique environments, so access to the physical Kit Shop is on a request basis. Please be in touch, and we will do our best to accommodate and welcome you to our unit.

Like most folks, we take weekends and statutory holidays.

Additionally, there will be three long stretches of closure throughout the Calendar year.

•In the summer months (typically 3 weeks between July and August),
•Between the end of the second week of December to the end of first week of January
•The last 2 weeks of March.

Please feel free to contact us

T. 613.392.2811 ext 2887

E. service@thekitshop.ca