Parachutist CT 1

"Mortem De Cælo"- Death from the Heavens

The Paratroopers mindset and ethos is formed well before they don wings on their chest. It is what drives them to be first to stand to task; to conquer their foe; to complete their mission. With Archangel Michael watching over them, Canadian Paratroopers follow these commandments: 

You are the elite of the Canadian Army. For you action shall be fulfilment and you must train yourself to stand every test.

Cultivate true comradeship, for together with your comrades you will triumph or die.

Be shy of speech and incorruptible. The strong act, the weak chatter; chatter will bring you to the grave.

Calmness and caution, thoroughness and determination, valour and a relentless spirit of attack will make you superior when the test comes.

Face to face with the enemy, the most precious thing is ammunition. The man who fires aimlessly merely to reassure himself has no guts. He is a weakling and does not deserve the name of "Paratrooper."

Never surrender. Your honour lies in victory or death.

Only with good weapons can you achieve success. Look after them therefore, on the principle, "First my weapons, then myself."

You must grasp the full meaning of each operation so that, even if your leader should fall, you can carry it out coolly and warily.

Fight chivalrously against an honourable foe; fifth columnists and civilian snipers deserve no quarter.

With your eyes open, keyed up to the highest pitch, agile as a greyhound, tough as leather, hard as steel, you will be the embodiment of a Canadian Paratrooper.

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