Ex Coelis

Airborne Operations

“A Tale was told by Homer Three Thousand years ago about the first winged soldier, and this is all we know!

He was born in the town of Corinth, and called Bellerophon

He had rather a strict upbringing Considering what went on.

He had to do some dodging, because he wouldn’t play with the lady at his lodging, and she took it the wrong way.

For she made her husband pick him, for the worst job in the place, to fight a damned great dragon, that no-one else would face.

Athene, the great Goddess, was on his side of course, and gave him some golden harness, to catch a flying horse.

He could handle the heaviest spear there was, and he’d practice all the cuts; but the fact that he fought on Pegasus, showed brains as well as guts.

We don’t know if he glided, or dropped down like a hawk, but we know that he decided, that it wasn’t safe to walk. The monster breathed out clouds of flak, and had an armoured skin, so he made the first airborne attack, and did the bastard in!”

Pathfinders. Parachute. Heliborne/Air Assault. Airborne Logistics. Parachute Riggers.

This is how we get to the fight; bring the fight; stay in the fight; get out of the fight; and do it all again.

It is these capabilities, and the professionals delivering them that define Airborne Operations. Embodying Bellerophon, they are the “Bellatores”, getting first boots on the ground; coming through the sky; keeping them in the fight; and being “...sure. Always”.

On an unruly winged horse, the skilled equestrian Bellerophon defeated the Chimera; a beast with the head of lion, body of a goat, and a snake for a tail.

Summoning his wits and harnessing his cunning, he attacked from the air, head on to the Chimera with lead on his spear and driving it down the fire spewing mouth of her lions head, making a molten block to do her in.

Each airborne operations mission, is another fight against the “Chimera”. An opportunity to use brains balanced with guts.

Each Airborne Operator, an emperor.

Each one a warrior.

Bellatores de Cælo


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